Providence Museums & History

Providence Museums & HistoryProvidence is filled with stories. This beautiful Rhode Island city was the fertile ground upon which America's early settlers planted their lives. Over the years, the city has flourished into a commercial and creative center that not only embraces varying ideas, but it also takes pride in welcoming the various cultures that have shaped it as well. The stories of how it all came to be are preserved in Providence's impressive group of museums and historical places that offer you the chance to see the area's history from a truly dramatic and memorable perspective.

Providence Children's Museum
Teaching history to kids is often a challenging endeavor, but it turns into a fun and interactive experience when you visit the Providence Children's Museum. The unique exhibits are designed for both adults and kids to enjoy together, not the least of which are hands-on art projects and various other activities. In addition to art and history, the kids will enjoy discovering such subjects as science, health and much more through the use of inventive and inviting exhibits.

Address: 100 South St, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 273-5437

John Brown House Museum
Travel back to the 18th century when you visit the John Brown House Museum. Brown was one of the area's most influential figures, and his story is brought to life in this incredible residential museum. The house has been meticulously restored to the last detail, and Brown's reputation as an individual of wealth and power is underscored by the incredibly stunning items and personal effects displayed here. The guides that lead the hour-long tour of the John Brown House Museum are highly knowledgeable and are happy to answer your questions about this truly impressive site.

Address: 52 Power St, Providence, RI 02906 - MAP
Phone: (401) 273-7507

Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales University
If you're hungry for some history of a different kind, then stop in to the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales University. More than just a history of kitchenware, this unique and entertaining museum attempts to document the history of everything from cast iron stoves to microwaves to artifacts of the diner experience. You'll see an incredible collection of cook books, vintage menus and even booths and tables from classic diners. In all, this museum serves up an experience that goes above and beyond the daily special!

Address: 8 Abbott Park Pl, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 598-2805

Rhode Island School of Design Museum
Art lovers from all over regard the Rhode Island School of Design Museum as a favorite not only for its impressive exhibits, but for the historical breadth of the work that is housed here. This museum offers what is literally a history of art that spans from ancient Roman sculpture to modern paintings and graphic design. As you experience the pieces presented over the course of these 45 impressive galleries, you'll be visually captivated by the work of such masters as Matisse, Monet, Rodin and many more. Don't miss the early Greek and Roman galleries that offer a glimpse of such amazing work as ancient sculptures that sit alongside frescoes and coins, as well as costumes and textiles that date back thousands of years.

Address: 20 N Main St, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 454-6500

Governor Henry Lippitt House
When you step into the Governor Henry Lippitt House, you are immediately transported to 1865. The incredible detail and meticulous rendering of this structure will in fact make you feel like you have truly gone back to a time when this Renaissance-style mansion was the home of the governor. As you walk beneath the elaborate chandeliers, you'll be struck by the stunning detail of the woodwork and the items that are on display that all work to create an authentic ambiance. This house museum was named a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and preserves a significant part of Providence's history in a truly captivating fashion.

Address: 199 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906 - MAP
Phone: (401) 453-0688

Annmary Brown Memorial
The Annmary Brown Memorial is truly a haven for art lovers. This engaging venue offers visitors an opportunity to see a collection of art that is impressive both in style and scope. The museum houses an extensive collection of both European and American art that spans from the Renaissance all the way to the 20th century. You may initially plan your visit for a little while, but once you see these truly captivating works of art, you may choose to stay all afternoon!

Address: 21 Brown Street, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912 - MAP
Phone: (401) 863-1994