Hidden Treasures in Providence

Hidden Treasures in ProvidenceThere's nothing quite like the feeling of discovering something truly special. Usually, your initial reaction after finding a place that strikes you is to not want to tell anyone about it. But you know deep down that you won't be able to keep it a secret for long. Such is the case when you are lucky enough to stumble upon these hidden treasures in Providence. Whether it's finding an out-of-print film or book, an unusual art deco piece or a place that sells clothes that fit you perfectly, these are some of Providence's excellent out-of-the-way places that are really worth finding.

The tradition of excellence is something that Ross-Simons knows quite a bit about. This exclusive Providence retailer has been in business for nearly 50 years. During that time, it has taken pride in offering patrons an exceptional selection of fine jewelry and collectibles. Waterford, Rolex and Llardo are among the well-known brands that Ross-Simmons is proud to carry. The friendly and accommodating staff offers customer service that's in the same class as the brand names they carry.

Address: 9 Ross Simons Dr, Cranston, RI 02920 - MAP
Phone: (401) 463-3100
Web: www.ross-simons.com

Cellar Stories Book Store
The Cellar Stories Bookstore resembles more of an attic warehouse that contains an excellent collection of new and used books. But despite that minor discrepancy, the real story here is all about the stories you'll find in this amazing selection of tomes. Whether you're searching for collectible first editions, science fiction novels or accounts of military history, Cellar Stories most likely has what you're looking for. In addition to the incredible array of books, you'll also find volumes that focus on Rhode Island nautical art.

Address: 111 Mathewson St, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 521-2665
Web: www.cellarstories.com