Arts, Music & Entertainment in Providence

Arts, Music & Entertainment in ProvidenceProvidence is a truly inspiring place. Just ask the many artists who have been moved to express themselves as a result of their association with the beautiful Rhode Island city. Whether these artists choose to express themselves through painting, stage performances, or music, they are all very much a part of the unique tapestry that makes up Providence's colorful arts, music and entertainment scene.

At AS220, creative artistic expression is highly encouraged. This popular downtown spot brings together such diverse groups as local artists, families, and tourists to enjoy selections from the city's arts, music and entertainment scene. The venue hosts live performances at least six nights a week that include live bands, poetry readings and performance art, just to name a few. There is also a gallery on site that features a rotating exhibit of the work of local artists.

Address: 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 831-9327

Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra
You're in for an evening of entertainment when you plan to take in a performance of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra. This highly accomplished group of musicians and conductors work hard to not only deliver unparallelled excellence at every performance, but they also utilize their talents for aspiring musicians. The orchestra is also affiliated with a music school that offers instruction and encouragement for upcoming performers so that the legacy of this truly gifted group of musicians can be carried on to the next generation and beyond.

Address: 667 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 - MAP
Phone: (401) 248-7070

Opera Providence
When Opera Providence brings one of their productions to the stage, you know you are in for something truly special. The musicians and singers work tirelessly to bring timeless entertainment to Providence audiences, and every season is more ambitious than the previous one. The performance schedule includes such favorite themes as the Opera Classics Series, the Winter Concert Series as well as various seasonal favorites. So instead of settling for the ordinary, get dressed up and enjoy a compelling evening filled with performances that always hit a high note.

Address: 585 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence, RI 02906 - MAP
Phone: (401) 331-6060

Perishable Theatre
Providence's Perishable Theatre has been one of the arts and entertainment scene's most vital participants for the past 26 years. During that impressive span of time, the theater has consistently produced performances that challenge audiences to think about and appreciate performance art in a completely new way. Performance artists who take the stage at the Perishable Theatre often mix in various types of elements that include photography, music, poetry, literature, sculpture, digital media and much more. The goal of the theater is to draw audiences into the parameters of each performance so that it will result in a personal experience for each observer.

Address: 95 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 331-7811

RISD Museum of Art
Providence is often referred to as "the Creative Capital" and judging from the impressive arts, music and entertainment scene, the title is highly appropriate. One of the scene's most important venues is the RISD Museum of Art. This is where some of the world's most essential works are displayed that not only attest to the power of artistic expression, but these seminal works no doubt inspire young artists to reach for the same heights. The museum houses more 80,000 works of art that range from Greek sculpture to French Impressionist paintings, Chinese terracotta, and contemporary multimedia art.

Address: 20 North Main Street, Chase Center, Providence RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 454-6500

Trinity Repertory Company
The Trinity Repertory Company is one of the most respected regional theaters in the country. Founded in 1964, it features a highly acclaimed resident company that utilizes the many talents of its performers to bring an impressive selection of both classic and contemporary works and entertainment to the stage. The theater also looks to the future, as many talented performers also participate in conducting acting classes for both children and adults.

Address: 201 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903 - MAP
Phone: (401) 521-1100